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Virtual Assistant Services For Small Businesses

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Time… it’s the most valuable thing you have. Most small business owners know they could do a better job delegating, giving them time to focus on higher-value activities…but they're not sure where to start. We understand. We help small business owners get more done every day. Schedule a call with us now, and take a positive step towards getting more done in less time.

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At Elite Virtual Assistants, We Are Here To Help

Meet EVA…Your Boutique Virtual Assistant Firm. At EVA we help you get more done in less time.

All Things Admin: Are you looking to work ON your business instead of IN your business? We have experienced personal and executive assistants to help you do just that.

Project Assistance: Does your current staff need assistance from time to time, but there’s not enough work for another employee? We have assistants that offer team support and project assistance during those “overload” periods.

Digital Marketing: Do you need help running your social media and email campaigns? We have VA’s experienced in these areas that can take those tasks off your plate.

Bookkeeping: Are you getting paid on time? Are your books in order and categorized so you can see what's going out and what's coming in? We have experienced bookkeepers to help your cash flow stay flowing.

Send Out Cards: EVA is now working with Send Out Cards to help you stand out from your competitors with an easy to follow, unique and personalized way to send cards & gifts to clients, prospects or even for personal use.

EVA also offers FREE ongoing consulting and support from start to finish and provides you with an experienced US-based virtual assistant carefully matched to your needs and industry.

The Art of Delegation

Download the PDF. It's free! We'll show you five easy steps to breakthrough productivity.

"Time is the most valuable thing that you have. You can spend it any way you'd like. But you can never get it back. So use your time the best way you possibly can." ~ Laura Licursi

How It Works

1. You schedule a call

We have a conversation. See if there's a fit.

2. We listen to your problems

We handle it. See "The Art of Delegation"

3. You kick back and relax

Now you can focus on more important things.

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What Clients Are Saying...

"Laura and her team have jumped into action from the word "GO" and have done an amazing job helping me keep up with my demanding work load. Now that I have had her team on MY team, I can breathe a bit easier knowing things are getting done now, on time and done right. If I had three thumbs I would give Elite Virtual Assistants three thumbs up!"

Doug Sandler, Nice Guys on Business Podcast

"My VA is awesome! We are getting more efficient and organized every day! I have trouble keeping up with her, but I am delighted with what she is doing and how she is helping me."

Roxanne Kaufman Elliott, ProLaureate

"I can't thank you enough for my VA, she is wonderful to work with.  Her work is very good and if she doesn’t know something, she is more than willing to learn it.  Easy to communicate with and efficient."

Bethany Perry