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Get the help you need without the hassle! As a boutique agency, you only pay for the services need…and nothing that you don’t.

No Equipment to purchase

No Hiring

No Firing

No Benefits

No Vacations

All of EVA’s Support Services Includes:

Team integration. You can assign your VA a company email address and invite them to collaborate on any cloud-based system with your current team.

Additional Team Members. You’ll have access to our entire team of VA’s if your needs change and need a VA with a different skill set.

Progress Tracking. From hours tracking to project management inside your client dashboard, you can track your VA’s progress and activity.

Full, ongoing support. Starting with our personalized onboarding process and everywhere in between, our support staff is always available to ensure success with your EVA VA.


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Time is the most valuable thing that you have. You can spend it any way you'd like. But you can never get it back. So use your time the best way you possibly can.

— Laura Licursi

You can be up and running in less than 2 weeks with your virtual assistant. Ready to get started?

Roxanne Kaufman

Owner, ProLaureate

“Thank you so much for connecting me with Crissy.  She is FANTASTIC! In just one week, she has made an ENORMOUS difference in my work.  What a relief and joy to know there is such a competent and professional person covering my back on all the social media and website activities. Thank you again!”

Susana Fonticoba

Owner, Right Click Advantage

“Wanted to let you know that I was at a networking event last night and a couple of people commented on how I ‘seemed to be everywhere’, and how it looks like things are happening with Marketing Sisters, etc. The credit goes 100% to YOU! Great job on my social, EVA is a Godsend.”

Jessie Minerich

Owner, Minerich Law

"I sought out EVA because I had been previously using a different VA company and my VA had put in her notice to go back to school. I chose EVA because I really clicked with Laura and she seemed committed to getting me an Assistant that could do all of the tasks I found needed doing by an assistant (which my other company couldn't do!)."

Sherry Herrington

CEO/Business Strategist, Sherrington Financial Fitness

“Laura is fantastic and Crissy and Sunita are rockin’ it!”

Caprice Smith

Winner, Mrs. Corporate America 2014

I have had a great overall experience. The Elite team was professional and attentive and was interested in the success of my event. Great communication between myself and my VA Robin. She asked questions if she didn’t understand something and was proactive. Although this was a project hire, I would hire them again. Thank you for a pleasurable experience.

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