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Biological Prime Time and Your Business
May 9, 2022

Biological Prime Time and Your Business by Megan Murphy

Now that we’ve got your office set up with color, scent, sound, and organization, let’s figure out the best time for you to put in the work. 

There’s a window of time specific to you when your brain is performing at its best. This window is when you should be working on your most important or most complex tasks. 

This phenomenon is commonly referred to as Biological Prime Time, and it’s based on your ultradian rhythm – your body’s natural rest cycle that repeats once every 24 hours. 

The most successful people aren’t just busy; they’re strategic about how and when they get work done. 

Being successful also isn’t about pushing yourself 24/7. This mindset is where burnout and mental fatigue happen! Instead, making slow and steady progress will, in time, create much better results. 

We’ve all heard the Aesop fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, right?

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Everyone assumes the tortoise will lose the race because he naturally moves slowly, while the hare is a natural sportsman! He can run fast! Why wouldn’t he win the race?

We know the answer. The hare will tire himself out going super fast for too long, and (spoiler!) he naps when the hare tires from running too hard and fast. While he’s resting out of exhaustion, the tortoise who paced himself (based on his own biological time) wins the race!

Biological Prime Time takes advantage of your natural rhythm while knowing your limits and disciplining yourself. For a successful business, you want to be like the tortoise and have a dependable, long-lasting success story instead of a hard and fast race to the end – which will ultimately come faster and faster if you’re not careful!

How do I figure out my “prime time,” you’re wondering?


Take a week to write down (or make your own spreadsheet!) your energy level each hour you’re awake. Then, compare your notes (or columns…) and see when you feel at your best. 


Break down your daily tasks. Which ones need your full brainpower? Which tasks require less effort? When could you find time to refuel with a healthy lunch, water, or rest? 

See the difference!

I guarantee that when you start to listen to your body and feel your natural energy cycles, you’ll get just as much if not more done while not weighing down your mental and physical needs. 

After all, we’ve been focusing on creating a more positive environment for yourself, and it’s not just your office that needs a makeover – it might be your mindset too!


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