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Grow Your Network on Twitter
July 26, 2016

In order to grow your business, you need to grow your network. And spending time growing your network is just that…a lot of time. Have you thought about hiring someone to help you with your networking efforts? Networking is essential in fostering relationships that can lead your business to new heights, and there are so many ways to do it.

One way is through social media. Let’s say you’ve spent countless hours using Canva to create some real eye-catching posts or even more hours writing a how-to blog that can help so many people…but you have 10 followers on Twitter and another 50 on LinkedIn. Who’s going to see it and share it if you don’t have a real audience to pitch it to? Having great social media posts and content doesn’t help your efforts of growing your business if your campaign isn’t being nurtured with great content and with followers in your target market that can lead to your next client or sale.

Twitter is the beast of social networking

I never liked Twitter, until I loved Twitter. It’s a great place to start making connections, but it can be pretty time consuming if you’re using it effectively. There are different ways you can automate certain areas of Twitter, but if you’re trying to stay somewhat personal with your audience, you need to do some of the work yourself (or in this case outsource this area to a VA to “keep it human”).

When I first started using Twitter I didn’t know how to use it properly and it was frustrating. I didn’t have many followers and had no idea how to use hashtags. Then I stumbled on a blog post by Doug Sandler who introduced me to Social Quant and for me, Twitter changed forever.

Social Quant helps you find followers; not by buying followers so you have huge numbers of random people following you, but targeted followers so your information and posts are getting in front of your target audience. Having 10,000 followers doesn’t mean anything if you’re a local burger shop and 90% of your followers are in China. What would matter more is if you had 1,000 followers that loved burgers and were in a 10-mile radius of your shop (I don’t think you can actually narrow a region like that, but you get my point).

So how can a Virtual Assistant help you with growing your network to in turn grow your business? I’ve outlined 7 ways below:

  1. Monitor your keywords. Once you sign up for Social Quant, you need to direct it to find the right followers for you. Your VA can help monitor your dashboard and check in on which keywords are relevant to find the right followers, which keywords perform the best, and which perform the worst. It’s a good idea to monitor this on a regular basis.
  2. Sift through your direct messages. When you initially start growing your following, you will be inundated with direct messages. Most of them are spammy, but you will come across some that are interested in your business and want more information. This is a great task to hand over to your VA to sort through the clutter. If you don’t stay on top of it and check it daily, this is where a good lead can become buried in the spam. Your VA can respond where appropriate and delete the rest. If you’re trying to grow other networks, many direct messages that come in might direct you to their LinkedIn or Facebook page…this is a good opportunity to connect on other channels that aren’t quite as high traffic as Twitter, and another thing your VA can do for you.
  3. Check out who’s following you. You can do this by either clicking on the person who sent you the direct message or by going to your profile and clicking on who’s following you. It’s a good idea to check this daily too. I’ve had some pretty risque people following me that I’ve had to unfollow. And likewise, there may be someone who followed you that you want to follow back. Social Quant is good but it can’t catch everything, so make sure someone is taking a few minutes when going through these other steps to check out your followers.
  4. Look through your notifications. Many times people will reach out to you with questions on your product or service through an @mention instead of a DM. Always check your mentions either on Twitter or by using a platform like Hootsuite where you can view a stream of your mentions so you’re not missing anything. Twitter is very social so you need to interact with people and respond. Make sure someone is responsible to reply when asked a question, like a tweet you were mentioned in, and be sure to retweet when content is relevant.
  5. Create graphics for you to use for your posts. Although this can sometimes be the “fun” side of marketing, it can also be a tremendous time suck that doesn’t really produce any income however is important for grabbing your follower’s attention and creating awareness. Give your VA some guidance on the message you’re aiming to get across to your audience if you’re new to the social media scene, or have them research what you’ve done in the past. From there they can find the appropriate images and create & schedule your posts.
  6. Create and target your Twitter lists. Did you know you can create lists of people that you’d like to target from your followers? Your VA can create these lists and assign the list tags to your contacts. You can break these lists down into any category, including your competitors so you can monitor what they’re up to and see their posts, potential clients you are hoping to build a relationship with, and even current clients who you’d like to reach out to and engage with. Once the lists are created they will be in one easy-to-find place that you can then continue to use.
  7. Use your lists to cross-reference other networks. Another great task that a VA can do for you would be to use your Twitter lists you’ve created (because they’ve already sorted through your followers) and try connecting with those people on other channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. If you don’t already have a DM from someone giving you those links, your VA can try connecting with them for you. Twitter is a great place to find the right connections, and trying to stay connected through more personal channels like LinkedIn and Facebook can help grow the relationship further.

Although Twitter is fast paced and crowded, it can be a great place to make new connections and even have a little more fun with your social media efforts. Don’t miss out on the benefits of Twitter because you don’t have the time to put into it, and Happy Tweeting!

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