I take recommendations seriously because I hate being sold to, especially if it doesn’t apply to me. The only companies I create these relationships with are ones that I personally use for our business and rave about on a regular basis! Feel free to reach out to me with questions on any of these and I’d be happy to help out!

    Looking to keep your information safe?

    LastPass lets you have the ability to safely store all of your passwords in one place, and only share the sites with those you choose without having to give out your passwords. I use Last Pass for both my business and my personal information which I love because everything is stored in one easy location and broke down by Finance, Business, Shopping, etc. You can find out more here.

    Are You Ready For The Ultimate Goal Planner?

    Need help chipping away at those goals and your to-do list just isn’t cutting it? The PowerSheets Collection by Lara Casey is the answer you’re looking for. To-Do lists do NOT work for me when it comes to goal planning, which is why this book has been an essential part of my planning this year (and it’s so pretty too!). Start intentional goal setting today and make those dreams a reality! You can find out more here.

    Give your Blog a Boost with Missinglettr

    This is a game-changer for your blogs. Create an evergreen drip-campaign with a couple clicks and Missinglettr will create a series of posts and schedule them throughout the year for you. I set these and then forget them…and I’m always surprised when they pop-up on my feed (sometimes even a year later!). You can find out more here.


    The holy grail of tech deals for your business. As an avid AppSumo junkie, I can’t say enough about the deals these guys come up with. I’m on a regular monthly purchase plan with them because they find some great deals from finding leads to anything digital marketing related. Sign up today for free and get the deals delivered right to your inbox! You can find out more here.

    Ruby Receptionists

    One thing we don’t do here at EVA are handle receptionist duties. If your business relies on prompt responses, Ruby is the place to call. You can set your business apart with Ruby’s live receptionist and answering service. If you enter the promo code EVA you’ll receive $75 off your first invoice! You can find out more here.

    Send Out Cards

    I use Send Out Cards regularly in my business to welcome new clients and VA’s, thank referral partners and send birthday, anniversary & holiday mailings. The best part? I can send for business or personal, and my VA handles it for me! You can find out more here.