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Temporary Workers: Your Solution to Summer!
May 17, 2018

Are summer vacations plaguing your office? Do you need help during the summer months to keep yourself above water? A temporary VA could be the answer.

Summer is almost officially upon us. The days are longer, school’s out, pool’s open…vacations are starting! It’s the #1 vacation time of the year and there’s a lot to do that no one wants to miss out on…, especially between July and August. The average number of vacation days typically planned is 11, with July being the most popular month for summer vacations, followed by August, June & September.

Whether you’re going away or having a stay-cation, this time of year can leave your office with a skeleton staff. Everyone needs a break to relax and recharge…but your business can’t afford that.

And vacation isn’t the only time that can leave your staff scarce…unplanned illnesses, funerals, and other unforeseen circumstances can also leave some offices in a lurch and in need of some additional help,  fast.

Meet the Assistant’s Assistant!

Whether your current admin staff needs help during overwhelm periods or wants someone to fill in while they’re away, a virtual assistant is a great asset to your staff.

Are you ready for an efficient, easier process than a traditional temporary staffing agency? A temporary virtual assistant is a great alternative to temporary in-house staffing. With virtual office support, you’re only paying for the help you need…nothing more. No overhead costs, no extra equipment, or worrying about someone coming in and using your equipment.

Virtual Assistants have their own offices and supplies. They’re experienced, professional and efficient assistants that thrive on project work. There’s not any wasted time with office politics or water cooler talk. VA’s also work utilizing a time-blocking technique; meaning they set aside time to work for your company and work hard to get things done. There’s no being pulled in different directions; being asked by others to do additional work or taking them away from what they were hired to do.

It’s a simple solution to temporary staffing. All it takes is a call and a job description. We do the work of finding a match, providing an onboarding call and you’re off and running. When the employee is back, the VA wraps up and moves on…it’s a win-win for both sides. For more information, check out www.elitevirtualsssist.com and schedule your free exploratory call today!



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