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The Benefits of Working on the Road
April 30, 2019

Working on the road from an RV is becoming a popular way to travel, make a living, and experience life in a new way. Of course, not all jobs are cut out for working on the road (sorry aspiring road brain surgeons), but many jobs do transfer well to life on the road. Here we’ll look at the benefits and flexibility you can expect when you decide to take your work on the road.

One of the biggest benefits of working on the road doesn’t have anything to do with the work itself. That is the ability to live a minimalist, clutter-free life. This is simply a function of RV living given that most vehicles just don’t have room for extra junk. For those of us that do work on the road, this principle of RV living means that you have less clutter or outside duties to contend with during your work time. If you don’t have a lawn to mow or gutters to clean, you have more time to dedicate to work, play, or other activities. That’s not to say that RV life is maintenance-free, it isn’t, but it is a much simpler lifestyle that will translate into big benefits for your work schedule.

Another benefit is mobility, which can be particularly important depending on your career choice. There are many careers that have unique opportunities for those who are mobile. Traveling healthcare workers (nurses, therapists, etc.), solar system installers, electrical linemen, drilling and oil industry workers, and disaster response workers like insurance adjusters or auto hail damage repair specialists can all have access to opportunities that last from days to years at locations around the country. These jobs provide high pay, excellent benefits, and the same security as stationary jobs with the ability to travel. These do require more 9 – 5 style work outside the RV but the travel benefits are outstanding.

Other careers can be completely location-independent. Jobs like a virtual assistant, software developer, web developer, marketing manager, or even online therapist can all be done remotely from just about anywhere. Working from the road in these careers will allow you to travel as you see fit and tailor the experience to suit you. It will also allow you to do that while maintaining any special services you may need to complete your job. For example, as an online therapist, you would need good access to the internet. Working from an RV will allow you to locate your home in the region you desire while selecting a specific spot that can give you the internet access you need.

Along with location, time can be extremely flexible and beneficial to the worker on the road. While many traveling jobs require you to work at a location outside the RV for fixed hours, many more do not. In fact, many remote jobs have no set hours or may require work at odd hours due to time zone differences. For example, tutoring children in China in English as a second language is a popular RV-based job. There are companies that specialize in this which hire many RV-ers for the service. Of course, to tutor a child in China will require you to be up and working at odd hours of the night. For some, this is a blessing. It allows them the opportunity to earn a good living and have the workday completed early in the morning. The rest of the day is then open for travel adventures and personal time.

Many other remote jobs do not have set schedules. These jobs are typically more deadline-based. As long as those deadlines are met or bettered then everyone is happy. This allows you to work at your own pace and set your own hours. The obvious benefit to this is the ability to set your work schedule around your adventure schedule. You have complete control over how your time is spent and managed which allows you to prioritize things as you see fit. This allows you to better balance work with everything else, leading to a happier life experience.

The benefits and flexibilities of working on the road will vary depending on the type of work you do and how you are set up to do it. Regardless, the core benefits of being able to travel and experience different areas and activities while living a clutter-free life are nearly universal. If your job is compatible with road life, or if you are considering a change to one that does then, by all means, go for it. Even if you only do it for a little while you will create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

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This article was written for Elite Virtual Assistants by Shelley Trupert of Outdoorsy RV.

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