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We help attorneys find the help they need with our unique virtual legal assistant pairing process. 
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You're already at max capacity, which is why you're looking for help in the first place, and somehow you still have to finish:


Client Screening/Intake

Document Prep

Court Filings

Records Requests

Expense Reporting/Billing


"Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely adore Jamie. She’s really on the ball. Always super responsive and super friendly and takes a lot of initiative."

Alex Gertsburg

Gertsburg Law Firm

"EVA and my assistant have made my life so much easier and able to focus on revenue-generating activities. I cannot thank her enough for her professionalism, willingness to do varied tasks, and experience in my field. I cannot imagine my business without EVA any more."

Crystal Banse

Banse Law Group

"This is a service that delivers top-notch talent to help you get your business to the next level."

Will Eadie

Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers