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20 Tasks to Delegate to A Virtual Legal Assistant
March 14, 2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2024

According to a recent report, clients are looking for attorneys who offer remote options for payment and appointments. In fact, 67% of first-time clients and 79% of returning clients stated this was one of the most important factors in choosing representation. With a sharp turn our world is making towards remote work, your practice can become overwhelmed by the changes. Or, maybe your firm is already remote but your workload has only increased due to this?

In either case, working with a legal virtual assistant can be a rewarding experience. Typically one of the biggest challenges, people face when starting to delegate, is deciding which tasks they can outsource to a virtual assistant with a legal background. Everyone needs help in different ways; but whether you’re the head of a law firm, or an independent attorney aching for more free time, there are 3 main areas that tend to need the most help.

Here are 20 tasks you can delegate to a legal VA starting today:


These tasks may require someone with a legal background but are still the type of tasks that can be easily delegated to a VA with that type of background. Don’t let daily tasks like these fill your schedule if they aren’t fanning the flames of passion. You became an attorney for a reason! 

  1. Court filings
  2. Legal Research
  3. Draft pleadings and/or discovery notes
  4. Prepare Demand Packages
  5. Assist in Pre-trial preparations
  6. Interview Clients and/or Witnesses
  7. Client Intake and Screening
  8. Document Preparation
  9. Record Requests



These are day-to-day tasks that a VA can handle to free up even more of your time to do what you love. These may require a little training, but most are easily delegated off of your plate. 

  1. Expense reporting and/or billing
  2. Reviewing and organizing client flies
  3. Transcription services
  4. Bookkeeping and/or invoicing
  5. Scheduling and/or Calendar Management
  6. Inbox Management
  7. Booking travel arrangements
  8. Data entry
  9. Referral processes
  10. Website maintenance
  11. Social Media Management

There are many other smaller tasks that could be added to this list, but these are typically the areas that attorneys need the most help with, regardless of your specialty or firm’s size. Once you have identified which areas are in need of assistance and the tasks within those areas you’re able to delegate, you’re well on your way to a more efficiently run business!. Are you ready to bring the balance back to your life?

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