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There’s a common misconception among most attorneys…especially those just starting out or operating as a solo or small firm: you feel you have to do everything yourself. Getting over that hurdle early on by learning to delegate tasks is your first step to understanding how to grow your law practice with a legal virtual assistant.

For larger firms, attorneys tend to share their legal assistant…sometimes up to 7 attorneys are sharing 1 admin. Sound familiar? This ends up putting more work back on your lap and takes you out of your “zone of genius”. Not sure how to use a virtual assistant? Here’s some areas that attorneys are using EVA VA’s today:

Operations Manager

Handles day to day operational tasks for clients. Duties include communications, troubleshooting, systems implementation, and administrative tasks.

Expert Interviewer

Call and record clients and witnesses for each matter and obtain detailed information regarding the circumstances surrounding each case.

Case Manager/Intake Specialist

Take calls from and make calls to potential clients, gather information about their case, open the case in the system, send documents to new clients, answer questions, maintain email list; refer cases to other firms (if applicable), send out correspondence, help organize and implement focus groups. Assist any in-house staff with scheduling depositions and sending out notices; anything else that needs to be done that hasn’t been assigned to someone or that needs action.

Content Writer

Writes and publishes content for the law firm’s website and/or social media platforms and blogs.

General Admin

Place orders for medical records, police reports, and 911 calls (if applicable). Follow up on orders placed, upload or ship records that come in.

File Clerk

Checks all correspondence, reviews for action, and saves to FileVine, Clio or LexisNexis (depending on system used). Data entry, billing and medical records requests, mailings, scan and sort files in appropriate software – adding contacts and notes.

Christy Thompson shared her 90 day accomplishments with a VA in place from EVA. Christy documented all of the systems her firm uses in 90 days from how the phone is answered, how a complaint is drafted, how the e-fax works, how to send out a demand, how to retain a client etc. Then, she hired a VA from EVA. “I was looking for an Operations Manager but knew I couldn’t afford that full time. I called EVA, told her my ideas on how I wanted to use Tettra (it integrates with Slack so you can find what you are looking for without leaving Slack) and my goal. She got all the staff on board, assigned everyone a task, stayed on top of getting it done, tested things out, ensured they worked and 90 days later I have a 250 page operations manual that is fully searchable and integrated with my firm’s slack channels. I definitely recommend Elite Virtual Assistants. Since hiring my Operations Manager I’ve used someone for referral marketing and for one-off administrative projects like cleaning up my cloud filing.” -Christy Thompson, Thompson Law Firm, LLC

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