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3 Ways Virtual Workers Do It Better!
March 26, 2019

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

There are still people and companies that don’t embrace the concept of a remote or virtual worker. I probably get 2-3 calls each month for a part-time, in-person position. But when we get down to the bare bones of the work that’s needed they typically don’t need an in-office person, it’s just what they’re used to and comfortable with. But traditional workers in many office positions have fizzled and companies are embracing the perks of utilizing remote workers. Especially when the position is part-time, and sometimes too part-time to warrant bringing someone physically into an office.

Think about it, did you create your business because you wanted to do things your way or around your schedule? Do you still work hard and produce amazing results? Well, there are a lot of people like you out there, but they haven’t taken that leap to start their own business. But when you give someone an opportunity to create their own schedule, they will feel empowered, and the work they do for you will be with excitement and loyalty because they’re able to do what they love and have the ability to do it around their lives and their families.

Think of it this way; unless you need someone to greet people at a brick-and-mortar location, need to have someone physically file papers, or stock your refrigerator for you, you probably don’t need someone physically at your location.

Today’s online technology makes a virtual or remote worker one of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for most office positions, whether it be sales, administrative, marketing or even outsourcing your HR department.

Virtual workers require no:

  • Office equipment or space
  • Paid time off (holidays or vacation)
  • Benefits
  • Workers Compensation

And they’re not spending any unnecessary time that you’d be paying an in-office worker when it comes to pop-up meetings (that really aren’t as necessary as the person running it thinks it is), in-office distractions (aka, water cooler conversations), lunch or break periods.

You might be thinking to yourself, “well, this sounds great, but how can virtual workers actually out-perform office workers”? Well, there are 3 areas that stand out:

Better Communication

When you’re not physically in an office with someone, you need to be a really good communicator. When you don’t have someone physically in your office that you can pop your head in with a quick question or see the dreaded eye roll, you need to be more strategic about communicating with your teammates. Typically this proves to be more efficient than constant distractions throughout the day.

Virtual Workers mean Increased Productivity

Right alongside being a great communicator, remote workers are generally more productive due to the fact that they don’t have the constant distractions of in-office workers creating those distractions. Working remotely also gives people more freedom to produce the outcome of the tasks that are being delegated without being micromanaged through the process.

According to a nationwide survey, 65 percent of workers said that remote work would give their productivity a boost. Another 86 percent said that working alone allows them to hit maximum productivity. (inc.com)


Let’s face it…offices are littered with absences. Whether someone is sick, their kids are sick, or they have a doctor’s appointment or event to attend, there are many reasons offices can find themselves short-staffed.

Remote workers, however, are able to maneuver these circumstances around their work schedule. In a typical office setting, most work needs to be completed between the hours of 9-5, where being a remote or virtual worker offers someone the flexibility to create their own schedule, which in turn gives you a happier and more dedicated team member.

If you have questions or want to explore the possibility of remote workers in your business, reach out to Laura at Elite Virtual Assistants today!


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