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The Benefits of Working with a Temporary VA
July 11, 2022

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The Benefits of Working with a Temporary VA by Megan Murphy

Talking to other business owners, we tend to hear similar issues regardless of industry or company size. They need help but they can’t afford to hire someone full-time. They get busy in some months (or seasons) and need an extra set of hands. Then, during the slow months, it doesn’t make sense to have the extra help. We’ve heard this so many times that we decided to develop a temp-to-hire solution for other exhausted business owners!

Here is just one of the stories that gave us the inspiration to create this service. 

Matt* is a long-time friend and while he’s a diligent business owner all year long, summer brings an influx of customers and needs. It gets so bad during May and June that he often can’t keep a balance between his professional and personal life. For poor Matt, it all blurs into one insufferable ball of responsibility.

Matt’s brick-and-mortar store is only the tip of the iceberg of his summer duties. In addition to:

  • Summer trade shows and seminars that he both speaks at and attends. 
  • Summer means an influx of customers at his store, which means more accounting, more inventory, and more marketing. 
  • Summer also means his friends are getting married, graduating, and having babies. His staff is taking summer vacations and attending said events, too. 
  • And, he has a family at home, waiting to see him, not to mention life outside of work (usually!).

…How can he possibly stay on top of it all?

“Hire a VA!” You probably yelled mid-way through that list of responsibilities.


But what happens when it’s mid-February and his margins are as thin as the snowflakes flying outside? Then Matt has the space and time to handle the responsibilities of being a business owner. It doesn’t make sense to hire someone to help year-round when there won’t be enough work to offset their wages.

Instead, a temporary VA is a viable solution for Matt (and for you!) 

A temporary VA can help fill the gaps in operations while you and your staff are traveling for business and pleasure.

The things that a temporary VA can help you manage are seemingly endless, but a few to consider:

  • Inbox management
  • Calendar management and scheduling
  • Billing
  • Travel accommodations
  • Inventory tracking and ordering
  • Expense reporting


Your busiest time doesn’t have to get the best of you! Try one of our temporary VAs on for size and make this your best season yet! 


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