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DiSC tests & your team
November 14, 2022

DiSC tests & your team by Megan Murphy

A great way to know your team’s unique strengths and weaknesses is through DiSC testing! 

In our November blog, we discussed ways to build upon your team’s strengths and create a more inclusive and positive work environment. A great indicator of how your team will mesh together is through DiSC testing. 

DiSC testing is a comprehensive personality test powered by 40+ years of research. Which, through its algorithms, allows participants to gain insight into their professional personalities. 

The test has four basic profiles that, when compared, can allow your team to see where their strongest bonds and adversaries will lie. This information can help leaders understand who will work best for productivity, collaboration, or specific projects. 

Basic DiSC profiles include:

  • D style – D is for Dominance. Those with this letter are bold and skeptical. These are your “go-getters” who strive to take the lead in all situations. They have big ideas and even bigger ambitions.
  • I style – I is for Influence. Those with this letter are bold but accepting. These tend to be your teammates who enjoy making others happy and will go out of their way for clients. They work best in a group situation. 
  • S style – S is for Steadiness. Those with this letter are cautious and accepting. They are known for their calm, dependable personalities and do their best work at their own pace. “Slow and steady wins the race.”
  • C style – C is for Conscientiousness. Those with this letter are both cautious and skeptical. They are detail oriented and prefer accuracy over results. Logic and independence rule those in this group. 

Credit: DiSCprofile.com

They can be further broken down into subcategories. For example, my DiSC style is Di for Dominance and Influence. I’m known as a “driver,” which means I go after large, ambitious projects, resist the influence of others, and am vocal in my ideas. 

Every person’s DiSC profile is different, and there are plenty of letter combinations, to sum up your team. The idea is to put those with similar styles together and reap the benefits of power in numbers – or go the other way. Mix up your team! Try putting a D style with a few C styles to see fast results. Or try matching I styles with S styles to keep clients happy.

It’s your call how you’d like your team to benefit from the information learned when you all take DiSC tests! Try it out for yourself and see what you find. 


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