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Find Your Passion
September 14, 2016

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Are you envious of your friends and family who absolutely love their jobs? Do you often wonder why you can’t find something you are passionate about? Finding your passion isn’t always easy; sometimes it isn’t always evident. What if I told you that it’s possible you could be passionate about your current job if you just look at it differently?

What is it that you do? Do you sell a product or a service? Do you feel you offer value to your job, company, and/or business? Are you helping others?

Take a piece of paper and divide it into four columns. Label the columns Job Pros, Job Cons, Passions, and Dream Job. Write down the pros and cons of your current job. Now write down a list of things you are passionate about and finally a list of things you love so much you’d do for free.

Are there any similarities between the Job Pros column and your Passions and Dream Job column? You are probably wondering what I mean by looking at your job differently. Let me give you an example.

When I first started my business I was super passionate about starting a business. I loved the marketing, prospecting, and everything else that went into starting a company. After a few years, my company was up and running and I began to struggle with what my purpose was. Was I just providing a service? Was I really making an impact on society? Was I working towards something greater than myself? Was this company really all my legacy had become?

I couldn’t believe that even though my company was successful and business was pouring in that I didn’t love my job. I realized I had lost my passion.

I wrote a list of the pros and cons of my business. I also wrote down my passions and what my dream job would be. I really love helping people, I wanted to make a difference in the world, and it wasn’t until one of my clients visited with me about the impact my services were making on his life that I realized that I was helping people all along. My business wasn’t just about me – it never was.

I was helping professionals reach their sales goals, and they were making more money than they ever thought possible. I was helping experienced virtual assistants find work to help support their families. I was helping businesses grow and thrive, and I was helping to keep our economy alive. Suddenly I had a renewed sense of purpose, a renewed sense of passion, and a renewed zest for life. So what does one do when they realize their passion? They shoot for the stars. I grew my business, hired an assistant, and increased my reach. I feel so good about helping others that I want to help more people. I have surrounded myself with like-minded individuals, and we are making our mark on the world. I found my dream and I want to help others realize theirs!

It’s an odd feeling to realize that you’ve been living your dream all along and didn’t even know it. I think if I would’ve just known then what I know now I could’ve experienced greater growth both professionally and personally by now. But as they say, it’s better late than never!

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