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Gift Giving Ideas For Your Business
October 18, 2016

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The holidays can be great and at the same time stressful. It’s a time of year that we give that extra thank you to those who have helped us in our business and personal lives, that we may have been too busy to stop and thank throughout the year. It doesn’t matter how big or small the gift is…it’s the time that someone took to express their gratitude that matters. Even the smallest budget can afford to send out a nice card.

Whether your budget allows you to send a card or a gift basket, now is the time to start thinking about getting everything together to avoid the frazzled, final-hour rush. If you already have a virtual assistant that you’re working with, the entire process can be outsourced. Once you offer some guidance on your budget and gift ideas you have in mind, you can turn this daunting task over and they can help you:

  1. Research gift ideas.
  2. Order your gifts.
  3. Hand-write cards for that personal touch.


Depending on how well you know your clients, below are some unique ideas if you have a smaller group of clientele:

Charitable Organizations

Do you have a client that’s involved in a particular charity, organization or foundation? Make a donation in their name or yours; the charity can send a letter on your behalf noting the contribution.

Gift Certificates

Have a client that’s an avid golfer? Purchase a gift certificate to their favorite local course or one they’ve talked about wanting to visit. Do they love the Theater? Purchase a gift certificate to a local playhouse.

Wine or Beer Lover

Give them a membership that ships a different variety of wine or beer every month (this may not be available in all States). You can try The Original Craft Beer Club or Wine Of The Month Club. A gift certificate to a local brewhouse or winery where they can make their own beer or wine is also a unique idea…these are increasingly popular and can be found all over the country.

The Health Nut

Try out a subscription service to a healthy alternative to snacking. Graze is a popular site that offers 100’s of items you can choose from to be boxed and sent to your client’s home or business.

Share What You Love

Do you use a service or have a subscription that you love and want to share? Whether you’re a music lover and offer a year subscription to Spotify or you love healthy cooking and use a service like HelloFresh, these are both unique ideas to give to that special client.

Promotional Products

If you have a larger client base you’re looking to send to, you could consider a useful promotional item. Some people think promo items are cheap or that they are a one-size-fits-all solution. In reality, promo items can be that little extra you pair with something else for that special touch. You can also find an item that you think most people will find useful and purchase a higher-end version.

If you’re looking at putting together gift baskets, why not include a promo item that goes along with your theme? If it’s a useful, quality item it will get used and be appreciated. With the holidays fast approaching we wanted to share with you some of the hottest holiday gifts for clients we’ve found.

Chocolate – Everyone loves chocolate, your clients will appreciate you for it and your logo will be there to remind them who sent it.

Notepads – Stay in front of your clients with note pads, sticky notes, and flags.

Stainless Steel Tumblers— Everyone loves a hot beverage. You can stay in front of clients all day with a tumbler, and they can be paired with gourmet hot chocolate packets, coffee pods, or tea bags.

Wine Carrier – You can pair a nice wine carrier with your logo along with a bottle of wine or even sparkling apple cider. 

Mugs– Everyone loves a good mug and especially a good-looking one. Just like the tumblers, these can also be paired with gourmet hot chocolate packets, coffee pods, or even a gourmet instant soup.

The options are endless when you’re looking at promotional gift-giving ideas. Whether you decide to be unique in your gift giving, offer promotional items, or simply send a card, the thought that goes behind what you’re sending means more than the actual gift itself.

Taking care of your holiday gift-giving needs is a great task to outsource that will have a positive impact on your business and personal life. 

Laura is the founder of Elite Virtual Assistants. If you need help getting your holiday gift-giving ideas together or need someone to help execute a plan for you, give her a call today. She can also help you find the right promotional product for your business for the holiday season!

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