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Summertime Blues? Fix Them with a VA!
June 2, 2022

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Summertime Blues? Fix it with a VA! by Megan Murphy

June has a lot of unique holidays that reminded me of how much (and often!) we sacrifice in the name of “getting things done”.

  •  June 17th is “Take your lunch break” day and frankly, we shouldn’t have to remind ourselves to do such a simple healthy task as taking a break to refuel.
  •  June 2nd is “Leave the office early” day and I’m sure you’ll want to after you skipped your lunch break to finish up those endless tasks! 

We talked last month about mental health and ways to cope with the amount of stress we have, but now, I want to talk about a way to alleviate it for good

Summer is here and I know you’ve been desperately trying to ignore those ice cream trucks and laughing kids…they really have all the fun, don’t they? But, they don’t have to be the only ones! We took the risk of becoming business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders, don’t we deserve a creamsicle and jump in the pool too?!

The answer is as crystal clear as the ice in your favorite summer sangria. 


Delegating your tasks to a VA can solve so many of your summertime woes. 

To start, if you need a little inspiration on what tasks to delegate, we’ve written some ideas here.

And, I can’t help but suggest that you check out the resources that our partner Delegate Like A Pro has to offer too! They’ll get you delegating properly before your ice cream melts. 

So, now that you’ve formulated how, let’s talk about what delegating and working with a VA can offer you (and why you should hire one!)



Working with a VA can help free up time normally spent on tasks you don’t want to do or don’t like doing, like the ones listed in the link above. 

  • What could you do with an extra hour – or more – a week? 

You set the pace when you delegate to a VA. We offer varying monthly packages (and project packages too!), so you can choose what fits best for you and your unique business needs. 

Now, let me ask you again, what could you do with more free time in your schedule?



  • How many times have stress and a tight schedule led to costly mistakes in your business? 
  • How many hours have you spent working on everyday tasks when you could’ve been finding new leads, bringing in new business, or taking better care of current clients? 

The tasks delegated off of your plate (to a VA) will allow you to focus on the more important parts of your business – the ones that made you start it to begin with!

Peace of Mind

Imagine how much better you’ll feel when someone else is taking care of all of the drudgery in your day? What if you could wake up and work on what inspires you and motivates you, instead of being tied up with an endless inbox or tedious reports? What will transpire when you’re able to get the rest you need to reset and refocus?

 I’ll tell you! 

You’ll finally be able to see your business for all that it is, with your passion in the driver’s seat.  

There’s no easier way to get in a summer mood than working with those who care about your business as much as you do. 


This brings us to the WHO & WHEN of your delegation journey. 

You can’t afford to spend another minute without a VA, so let our expert VAs take your business from overheated to calm and collected this summer.


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