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Behind the Scenes: Our LVAs at Work
September 26, 2022

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

BTS: Our Legal Virtual Assistants at Work by Megan Murphy

EVA is known for our Legal Virtual Assistants(LVAs), so I sat down with a few of them to find out why they chose this path and what keeps their passion alive! I spoke to a few attorneys earlier this month and asked them similar questions – if you missed it, check out the blog here.

Some found their work as a way to continue in the legal field while they worked on passing the bar exam. Others simply enjoy helping others. One of our LVAs even operated a daycare before finding her way into the legal world!  

However, that’s no surprise. Helping others grow is what EVA is all about. Dedication, passion, and personal touch make our VAs stand out among the rest!

I have always been passionate about the law,” said Sharon Morgan, one of our Legal Virtual assistants.

LVAs: “More than a job.”

This career is often more than just “a job” because it allows our LVAs to follow their love for the law while giving them the ability to work from home and take care of their families. For Grace Aspenwall (another of our talented LVAs), a way to stay in the legal field after graduating from law school!

When I ask why she decided to work as a Legal Virtual Assistant, Grace says, “I decided at eight years old that I’d be a judge when I grew up. And that goal has changed a little over time. This work allows me to stay passionate about the law.” 

At EVA, there’s always someone who understands what unique things you and your practice bring to the table. Mainly because our Legal VAs have the same work ethic and background as you! 

“A Helping Hand”

For Ashlynne Reeves, helping her clients achieve new goals is why she loves working with EVA.

“I was recently able to help one of my attorneys navigate through some new territory in a rather complex case. Getting to be a part of the solution, and assisting someone so knowledgeable, was the highlight of my day.”

I’ll bet that attorney is happy to have the extra remote help!

LVAs: “Dedicated Support”

Just imagine what working with one of our talented assistants could do for you. Could you find time to further your studies? Have an extra hand at answering client emails? Would you spend more time helping people in need? Spend more time at home? The possibilities are endless.  

Schedule a call and find out what possibilities are open to you!

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