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Remote Work & Productivity
April 26, 2016

Updated: Dec 6, 2022


We’ve all been there…you have a deadline to meet and end up with constant interruptions throughout the day:

  • Sally’s dog died.
  • You’ve been summoned to 3 conference calls that were mandatory for your 5 minutes of input.
  • Joe wants to grab lunch.
  • Sue needs help with her computer.

Sound familiar? Needless to say, you’re behind the ball at the end of the day and now have to put in those extra hours to try and catch up. I remember those days only too well.

I’m a huge advocate of having a flexible office. Although I have a client, I go on location once a week for, most of my work is done from home. Having interaction with people when I’m on location and being able to run the rest of my business from home is a great balance for me.

I recently read a HubSpot blog on How to Find Your Flow: A Simple Guide to Better Concentration & Higher Productivity. Below are some facts taken from the infographic from Online Course Report showing how these interruptions affect our day when working in an office:

  • The average worker experiences an interruption every 3 minutes.
  • It typically takes 23 minutes to return to the original task.
  • In a recent study, the average worker only works 3 days a week due to interruptions and/or office meetings.

The other part of this infographic was on the subject of multitasking. Some people boast that they get so much done by being able to multitask…but are you really giving it your all? Here are some facts to consider:

  • Multi-tasking = a 40% decline in productivity.
  • When you attempt to juggle your set tasks with emails and phone calls, your IQ suffers a 10-point drop!
  • This is the equivalent of missing an entire night’s sleep.

Now take that same workday and put yourself at home. Sally’s dog still died, but you’re not hearing about it. Joe has to grab lunch on his own, and Sue looks to someone else for that computer help. Doesn’t your day look more productive already? You may not be able to control the conference calls, but you have more control over your day when you’re not in an office setting.

There will always be a distraction of some sort, whether you work from home or in an office…but being able to turn off the phone when you’re trying to get something done and not being present for in-person interruptions can help lead the way to increased productivity. There’s much to be said about human interaction, and remote working isn’t for everyone. But when you have an important project to complete or a deadline to meet, taking the work away from the office can help you stay ahead of the game. When you need to play catch up, consider taking a day home to finish it.

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