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Temp-to-Hire Solutions for Your Business
June 30, 2022

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Temp-to-Hire Solutions for your Business By Megan Murphy


I was at a friend’s house the other day and she had Cinderella playing on the TV for her daughter while we caught up over coffee. 

Her daughter just turned six last month and she’s smart beyond her years. So smart that she saw past the glitz and glamor of the ball and started asking curious questions about the storyline.

“Mommy?” She asked. 

We stopped talking for a moment to address her question.

“Why did the glass slipper only fit Cinderella’s foot? Wouldn’t it fit someone else’s foot too?” She questioned.

We had a good laugh. But she was right. Wouldn’t there be another young woman in the fictional town with a similar foot size? 

What made Cinderella the only “size 7” foot to fit the slipper!?

Cinderella fit the shoe perfectly because she was the right woman for the “job.” 

While other ladies in town may have also had blonde hair, a shapely figure, and small feet, it was only Cinderella that was right for Prince Charming. Moreover, Prince Charming clearly knew what he was looking for and stuck with it. He didn’t settle for the first “size 7”-footed beauty to come his way!

What’s the point of all of this? 

The fairy tale Cinderella is a lot like hiring!

If you settle for “good enough” when you’re looking for your newest team member, you’ll end up paying for it later. 

Just because someone looks good on paper and has the right qualifications, doesn’t mean they won’t leave you high and dry when it comes to preserving a relationship with clients or vice versa. They may be the friendliest candidate, but not the most knowledgeable. 

“But we need help now!”


We get it…times are tough. And the summer always brings extra vacation requests and events that get in the way of “business as usual.” With that in mind, we’ve come up with a solution that can help fill the space while you search for your own “perfect fit,” or; the solution when you need some extra hands to get through summer. 


Our temporary VAs can help fill the gaps for projects or tasks that may otherwise fall through the cracks during the busy season, whenever that busy season is for your business! 

There are plenty of situations in which a temporary assistant can keep content rolling, information organized, and communications uninterrupted!

 A few to consider:

Also, consider that when you hire a temporary VA, you might find the person you were looking for the whole time! Any of our temporary VAs are also eligible for temp-to-hire. And, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you aren’t looking at all. 

Remember: when Prince Charming went searching for the owner of the shoe, he stuck to his convictions and refused to compromise even when the search was taking a long time or when his day was filled with a bunch of feet! 😉

At EVA we know your business is more than a fairy tale, it needs real solutions…and we’re ready to find unique solutions for your business with one of our talented VAs. 


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