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The Art of Delegating (Part 3)
April 3, 2017

Updated: May 3, 2022

Clear Communication = Delegating Success

You know delegating is essential to growing your business, and that setting up processes can help make delegating even easier. Project management tools are also an important piece for delegating success when combined with patience and clear communication.



There are many project management tools you can use that will help you not only define and break down your projects and tasks but will also help you track the project through to completion. Using a project management tool is a great way to start delegating tasks without micromanaging because it helps you track progress and keeps all of the communication in one place. You can send messages to the group or individuals you’re working with and follow the timeline that you set. 


Some popular options are:

Asana: A collaboration software that helps your team get work done. Along with being easy to use it can connect with other applications you already own and have access to reporting features. There are free and paid options and it’s mobile-friendly.

Basecamp: Basecamp is a popular project management system with a variety of tools (like to-do lists, calendars, file storage, message boards, etc.). There are free and paid options.

Wrike: Wrike offers simple, intuitive project management. It’s easy to create projects and assign them to others.

Zoho Projects: This is a project management tool that offers a lot of the standard project management features. If you’re using Zoho as your database, this is a great little add-on to consider. It offers a project stream and group chat feature. There are free and paid options and it’s mobile-friendly.

If you haven’t used one before, do some research first to see what is going to work best for you and your team members. It may take a little time to get up and running, but being able to track progress and keep communication in one program is important when delegating.

Patience, Clarity & Communication

Once you have your tools in place, the true key to a successful delegating relationship is to be clear…on everything. This means giving clear instructions, having clear expectations, and communicating that effectively. 

Some areas to discuss as you start delegating are:

  1. What are your expectations?
  2. What does your schedule look like? Make sure you have built-in time to work with your new team member closely so they feel supported and you have time set aside to review the work being done and be available for questions.
  3. How often will you check in with each other during training?


Having patience as you get started with the delegating process is critical. It’s important to take the time to decide what to delegate and how you will get it out of your head and into someone else’s.

If it seems like you’re off to a rough start…give it time. Typically the breakdown is not with the person, but the process. Taking time, having processes, patience, and clear communication will help set you up for delegating success!

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