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Warm Up That Cold Call With LinkedIn Networking
November 9, 2015

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Are you looking for a way to make more connections from cold calls? Whether you’re looking to increase sales or you’re new to the industry and looking to start a good foundation of connections for your business, LinkedIn networking is a great complement to traditional marketing plans. Adding this to your current marketing efforts can help increase your reach and productivity.

“Work smarter, not harder.”

I’ve worked with many professionals over the years and have always tried to find ways to reach a wider group of people and double our marketing efforts, without being an overwhelming nuisance. Making a cold call tends to be the go-to for most industries to try and get a “foot in the door” so to speak, but it’s a dreaded task among most professionals, and even more so by the person on the receiving end. What if you could soften that call with a less intrusive plan that could help open the door for you?

LinkedIn has been a great tool for many professionals, regardless of your business. There are currently 400 million registered users on LinkedIn. Imagine tapping into that and using it to enhance your current marketing efforts. Even if you’re limited to a certain area or territory, using LinkedIn opens up another avenue for you to show what you know and let people see who you are. I think of LinkedIn as Facebook for business. You can pick who you’d like to connect with; in turn, others can choose if they want to connect with you. What’s nice is if someone is accepting your invitation or you’re accepting theirs, it’s because you CHOOSE to. Once you make or accept connections, now it’s time to show your stuff in a cold call (that’s not so cold!)

It helps to create a plan for LinkedIn, much like you would any other marketing campaign. If you start without a plan, it will most likely turn into an unproductive and time-consuming task. Find a process that works for you and develop a plan that helps you reach your goals. A few cold call, LinkedIn starting points would be:

  1. Create a strong profile, and make sure it is complete. If you have your own company, create a company page as well. It’s an extra plug on LinkedIn and is Google-friendly to help with your SEO.
  2. Determine your target niche or personas of who you’d like to reach out to.
  3. Join groups that not only interest you, but where you will find the people you’re hoping to connect with
  4. Set goals for a certain number of prospects to reach out to every day. If you have lists of people you’re looking to talk to, start with those.
  5. Post relevant articles and content 2-3 times per week or quotes you like or inspire you. Share these with your connections as well as the groups that you belong to. This is where a little internet research comes in handy, and can be very effective.
  6. Start writing. Even if it’s only once per quarter, write about what you do, and how it helps and pertains to others. This is a perfect time to share your experience and knowledge that others will benefit from.

There are many other tips and enhancing features you can add to this plan, but the key is to use this in conjunction with your current efforts and be consistent. Nothing is going to make it rain referrals overnight, but this is a great way to drip on your prospects without being annoying and intrusive.  This will help keep you top of mind with your connections while providing useful information to them.

With a plan in place, you can start connecting with more people today…you never know who will need your services or who they might refer you to! If you’re looking for help with a project like this, visit Elite Virtual Assistants


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