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The Art Of Delegating Part 4
April 25, 2017

Updated: May 3, 2022

This is the final post in our 4-part delegation series where we pull it all together: delegating effectively, creating processes, and using project management tools to help build a scalable business.

For your business to be truly scalable you need to plan for expansion and growth while keeping increases in operational costs minimal. Creating a plan for scalability in your business in the early stages will help ensure its success, and understanding the importance of how and what to delegate will help you optimize that. Utilizing a flexible staff is a great option when you’re looking at keeping your costs low and productivity high.

“Outsource what is non-strategic to optimize leverage. Smart entrepreneurs never outsource their core competency, and never rely on intellectual property they don’t own. They also don’t try to do everything in-house, since growing all the expertise you need is slow and expensive. Scaling requires leveraging outside resources.” Forbes

There are four areas to consider when working on scaling your business.

Have a solid foundation

When you’re first starting out…whether you decide to make the leap and concentrate fully on your business or it’s still a side hustle for you, this is the time to start building your foundation for your business to get off the ground and have a plan in place for growth.

If your business is your side hustle, delegating the repetitive tasks to the right person ensures that can be done while you’re working, so the time you spend on your business is time well spent.

Invest time to create scalable delegating solutions

The early stages of a business is the time to think BIGGER than what you are or even hope to be. Instead of trying to throw together options that fit your current situation and you end up being reactive instead of proactive, take the time to put true processes together that you can build on. Creating processes for your business is an area that someone you’re delegating to can help with; they can put processes together as they go for the job you have assigned them to do.

Focus on your strengths while delegating

What are you good at? Networking? Sales? Do you lack follow-up and attention to detail? Knowing your strengths will help you concentrate on what you do best which allows you to delegate the areas you may be weak in, don’t know how to do, or don’t enjoy doing.

Be Patient

Patience is not a word you want to think about when you want your business to grow. But understanding how your business works, what you do best, what processes you need to put in place, and what areas are best to delegate will help you build the proper foundation for a sustainable, scalable business. Be patient and trust the people you delegate to and the processes you create.

If you’re ready to start delegating areas of your business, give Laura at Elite Virtual Assistants a call today at (440) 973-7005 or visit their website at www.elitevirtualassist.com. You can download EVA’s free worksheet on delegating: 5 Things To Do To Start Getting More Done Today, our comprehensive e-book on How A Virtual Assistant Can Grow Your Business…and how to use one, or schedule a free 30 minute consult with Laura and see what areas you can outsource to help your business grow!

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