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Executive Assistants: The Guiding Light of Your Business
July 27, 2022

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Executive Assistants: The Guiding Light of Your Business by Megan Murphy

Finding light in a difficult situation can be tricky. The post-pandemic economy can mean choppy waters for companies with no choice but to lay off their employees. Venture Capitalists have especially seen a tidal wave of layoffs this summer due to many investors not investing as heavily as they did pre-pandemic. One company is even reducing its staff by 66%, and in a Forbes article, out of 32 companies, nearly all were reduced by a similar percentage (in some cases, 59%!) With these massive layoffs taking place in other industries across the globe, you have to wonder…how will companies stay on top of everything with drastically less staff on hand? 

Less staff doesn’t always equate to less work. This leaves business owners(such as yourself) in a tight spot. Your staff’s time is already spoken for with their regular duties, and you do not have the capability to hire someone full-time to help (otherwise, you wouldn’t have laid workers off!). 

A solution that is both cost-effective and has an easy transition process is hiring a virtual executive assistant! Executive assistants make you feel like you’ve grown an extra set of hands! Our executive assistants are knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and professional. They make navigating your business changes easier to manage because they’re just like you. They see around the corner instead of just the task at hand. 

We pride our company on only hiring the best of the best. Our director of talent acquisition, Paige Risley, stated that we only hire 1% of applicants. And we’re also proud to say 98% of our EAs have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Nearly all have intensive experience in their chosen field and can confidently step right into a role. 

As stated, onboarding an executive assistant is easy! And all of our executive assistants can help with the tasks your in-person staff contributed to at a lower cost.

Virtual executive assistants are a cost-effective choice as they do not require office supplies, PTO, benefits, or pay for time spent sitting in the office. You can find the extra help you need while staying within your budget with a remote worker. This makes hiring a virtual executive assistant your best decision yet!

Don’t just take it from us; here’s what our past clients have said:

  • “I’ve worked with EVA for a few years now, and the operation is first class! The Virtual Assistants I’ve had the pleasure of having on my team are attentive, smart, creative, and resourceful. I love that when I ask my VA if she can do something for me, she already has taken care of it. I’ve worked with many other freelancers, VA’s, and Virtual Assistant Agencies in the past, and I’ve never found a company that is as good as EVA.“ Heather Stephens 
  • “I have been thrilled with my experience with Elite Virtual Assistants. I have been able to hand off tasks that have been on my to-do list to a trained, professional and experienced assistant. In turn, this has freed up my time to focus on work and serving my clients. The onboarding process was smooth and efficient. Frankly, I am much less stressed than I was before signing on with Elite.” Ayesha Hamilton, esq. 

Working with an EA can be a rewarding experience, and in this changing world, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress. But thankfully, it’s even easier to hire an EA to help you handle those massive changes. Whether your office is dealing with layoffs, hybrid work, or staff adjustments, EVA is here to help! 

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