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How a Virtual Assistant Saved Joan’s Business!
July 18, 2022

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

How an Assistant saved Joan’s Business by Megan Murphy

I wanted to share another one of our client’s stories with you. Our temporary VA services have saved her weeks of headaches and allowed her to find her perfect match in the office!

Joan* had an assistant in her office that helped her to stay on top of correspondence, appointments, and her business finances.  

However, after a few months of working together, things were no longer working out. Joan ended up stressed and overwhelmed due to the shortcomings of her assistant. Her assistant was habitually late, occasionally forgot to put important appointments in her calendar, and would reply late to emails that needed to go out last week. 

It was time for a change. But Joan didn’t have the time for said change. She was running a business that depended on her being there and focused on the task. There was no time for interviewing, searching, or onboarding a new assistant. She was truly stuck between a rock and a hard place, and her business was suffering.

So, Joan spent some time deciding how to proceed and, when it was time, let her assistant go. 

Then, Joan came to EVA’s website and fill out our quick and easy temporary inquiry form. Within a few days, she was connected with one of our knowledgeable, responsible, and remote VAs. 

And before she knew it, there was no need to search for an assistant. She had already found the perfect fit, right here at EVA! She moved to keep her VA for the long haul and hasn’t looked back since. 

Here’s what Joan loves about working with EVA:

  • Her VA is remote, and Joan no longer has to wait for them to “make it” into the office on time. Instead, her VA knows what’s expected and does the work on their own time. 
  • Her VA is knowledgeable in her industry! All of our VAs have in-depth knowledge in at least one field, and nearly all have a bachelor’s degree or higher!
  • Her VA is friendly and easy to talk to. We pride ourselves on the fact that we screen applicants intently. Did you know? We only hire about 1% of those who apply!
  • Working with a VA is more cost-effective than paying an in-person assistant. 

Joan has her business life sorted, and it all started with making the switch to a remote VA. If you need some extra help and aren’t sure if you’re ready…we encourage you to try out a temporary VA position (like Joan!) and find your perfect fit. 

We are always here to help you find your balance, whether with a full-time VA or a temporary VA.

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