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Keep the Heart in Your Practice
January 31, 2023

Updated: Jan 12, 2024

Court filings, client intake, research and discovery, scheduling, emails, phone calls, court dates, meetings, planning… the list goes on. We know this is only a fraction of what you deal with daily! However, did you know that taking care of your heart should be on that list as well? Attorney heart health is something we take very seriously here at EVA. Do you know how your heart is doing?

You’re an attorney-superhero who ensures your clients are given the best legal advice, care, and support imaginable. But it comes with a cost, and sometimes that bill comes silently in the form of a heart attack or stroke. 

Speaking of all those tasks, I imagine you are reaching for your computer’s keyboard to draft an email to your legal assistant.  Right?!  Of course, you are!  It’s an unconscious habit to ask for help when you need it.  How else would you get everything done?  Good for you!

But for those of you that are staring at this screen, frazzled, in a daze, and thinking, “There’s no way I could have a legal assistant because “__(insert your objection here)__.” (Believe me, we have heard all the reasons.)  In the spirit of February being #HeartHealthAwarenessMonth, I want to ask you, is your reason more important than your health?  

Stress, lack of physical activity, and sleep deprivation contribute to cardiovascular disease and strokes.  Now think about those facets of your life. Are any of those an issue for you because of your profession? Trying to keep up with all of those tasks, I would imagine ALL of those unhealthy aspects are an issue for you.  

So to break this down, what does that entail if you are doing all the tasks we listed above? Late nights, weekends, evenings, nearly 24/7 spent working to keep your practice doors open and your clients happy? 

My friend, you don’t need to jeopardize your health like this. Hovering between a career you are passionate about and whether or not you get enough sleep tonight just isn’t right.

At Elite Virtual Assistants, we work with new attorneys like you daily.  What we know for a fact is that no one can do it all! It is just not physically possible. We also understand the stress of thinking you have to do it alone and not knowing how to break the cycle of endless work.  

We get it. You love being an attorney, and you care about your clients. You want to win their cases so they can move on with their lives. But all the while, you are hurting yourself and eventually your ability to do something you love, practice law… Your job demands your full attention – your best version of yourself. Doesn’t the best version of yourself involve you being healthy? Let us help you win your life and your health back.  

Learn more here or go ahead and schedule a call where we can discuss with you how a virtual legal assistant can help you stay on top of everything! Yes, I do mean everything.  All while taking care of your heart health. 

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