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Music: Working Smarter?
April 25, 2022

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

MUSIC: Working Smarter? by Megan Murphy

In our next installment of mental health topics, let’s talk more about how music can affect your mind. Indulging all of your senses while working can help to create a positive atmosphere in your life

Listening to music is one of the few activities we experience as humans that engage all four of our brain’s lobes! When played we first understand sound as pitch and volume, and then our emotions come into play, shaping music into the art form it is. 

Some songs make you dance, some music makes you sing, bop your head, cry, smile, etc. That’s where favorites are born. Certain music makes you feel visceral emotions – good or bad. Have you ever thought about what music makes you feel productive? What music inspires you? 


infographic on music and your brain

infographic credit: University of Arizona


Specific genres, such as jazz, classical, country, and rap can help to support your mood and specific brain functions. Listening to smooth jazz can help you destress. And, for example, listening to classical can jog the memory. Rap has been proven to lower depression and upbeat pop music can help create a surge of energy. 

Smooth Jazz is a standard recommendation for stress relief, but did you know the reason jazz is recommended for destressing is actually scientific!?

Music and Science

 Jazz has an average BPM (beats per minute) of 60, which allows the brain to sync up with Beta-Alpha Brainwaves (these are what make binaural beats so effective) and promotes a feeling of calm, even when our environment is chaotic. Beta-Alpha Brainwaves are our brain’s natural response when sleeping and when experienced awake, they allow us to feel relaxed. 

Did you also know that there are studies to prove that classical music can help deter crime? 

music playing in a chemistry lab

credit: vibenomics.com

However, regardless of genre, all music helps engage your brain with dopamine production. It can also help produce antibodies and assist in preventing depression. 

Here is a TED talk about how music affects the brain if you’re interested in learning more!

What should we listen to today?

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