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Can WFH Save the World?
June 6, 2022

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Can Work From Home save the world? by Megan Murphy

In 2019, we talked about how virtual workers can out-perform traditional office workers. This blog mainly discussed how virtual workers were:

  • Better communicators
  • More productive
  • And more consistent in their work

But I wonder, are there ways that virtual workers are helping other areas of life? Could they…save the world?

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WFH Save the World # 1: Greenhouse Emissions

Naturally, the first thought here is how virtual workers or those that work from home are helping the environment by not driving to and from work each day. 

Even working from home just four days a week still has a significant impact, according to Forbes

By working from home on a flexible schedule traffic emissions have been reduced by 10%!

WFH Save the World # 2: Paper and Plastic Waste

Another reduction with an impact was in the amount of paper and plastic use. Virtual workers have helped to save an estimated 247 trillion sheets of paper by utilizing tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, email, and attachments!

Plastic use is down as well with fewer trips to coffee shops in the morning, fewer lunches being eaten out, and fewer trips to the water cooler. 

WFH Save the World # 3: Electricity 

By working from home, there is less wasted electricity. No office towers with floors of computers, phones, printers, overhead lights, and AC running 24/7, instead you only use what power you need and then move on with your day. 

WFH Save the World # 4: Societal Improvements

As we touched on before, when you work remotely you sharpen your communication skills in order to work effectively with your teammates and supervisors. There is no facial or body language to rely on, no pop-in questions. You must learn to write how you feel in a clear and concise way. Writing is therapeutic and even as you learn to express yourself through a paragraph or two in an email, you are working through the internal skills necessary to do so. 

Breaking down emotional barriers can happen in several ways, another Forbes article insists. It’s not just about improving communication; when we work virtually, we get to know each other from inside our homes. There’s something wholesome about curiously seeing a glimpse into our teammate’s life, and plenty of times, their kids or pets make a guest appearance! In a way, you get to know their whole family from across the country. That’s something working in a traditional setting doesn’t offer you. 

I’m not saying that virtual workers are all it takes to save the world, but I can say confidently that we are making a big step towards doing so! 

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