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VA: Your Best Investment
October 26, 2022

Updated: May 6, 2024

VA: Your Best Investment by Megan Murphy

Recently we’ve had many clients come to us with concerns that they aren’t utilizing their VA to their full potential. Their concerns sparked us to create a 3-step guide with the three most CRUCIAL steps on how to build the best professional relationship possible when working with a new VA. Scroll down and get your very own copy!

How do you improve the relationship you already have with your VA?

Have frequent conversations about expectations

If you want to get more out of your VA relationship, we can’t stress enough that setting clear expectations is necessary. Keeping a regular schedule of check-ins and updates is crucial to building the relationship. 

Integrate your VA into your team

Your VA is part of your internal team. Make sure you include them in team meetings and emails so they’re in the loop with your business. This can help build trust and inspire them to take more initiative. They may even ask about taking on the initiative projects if they’re aware of the opportunity. 

Set up firm boundaries for professional growth

Speaking of feeling included, allow your VA to make small, controlled decisions about the task they are in charge of. Setting boundaries within the task or role, along with a clear picture of the outcome you’re looking for, can help them feel important and valued. 

Delegate a full role instead of a task

If your VA has been handling single tasks so well that you think they could take care of the entire role independently, your best bet is to start small. Leverage other tasks within the role to them, raising their responsibility slowly. This allows you to monitor their progress and note their strengths and weaknesses before handing off the entire role. Imagine how much work will be off your plate!

Don’t expect too much too fast!

One of the initial issues we encounter when hearing back from clients and our VAs is the pace at which things are happening! You wouldn’t hire an in-person employee and expect them to know how to do everything in a day or two, and your VA isn’t any different! Delegate tasks to them as they learn more about your business, and don’t skip over any part of the learning process. Training is everything. Make your training plan ahead of time to see long-lasting results. 

Our last tip for making the most of your VA is to have fun with it! You started working with a VA to gain extra time for yourself – use it to relax. 

And if you aren’t working with a Virtual Assistant, the best time to start is NOW! 

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3 Critical Steps to Take Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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