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Clients: Can Technology Bring Us Closer?
September 19, 2022

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Clients: Can Technology Bring Us Closer? by Megan Murphy

For attorneys and law firms, in particular, there seem to be plenty of ways that technology is helping keep clients and their representation connected. A few ideas include AI chatbots to answer questions for clients during non-business hours and video conferencing to have meetings from the comfort of home instead of public places or conference rooms (which might be inconvenient for the client). Along those same lines, live chat functions, direct messages, emails, and texts can replace unnecessary calls and help people get the information they need more efficiently.

Clients Preference

Clio found that over two-thirds of potential clients preferred law offices with online payment options, virtual scheduling, and remote meetings. This isn’t surprising to a virtual assistant firm! We love having a virtual team! At EVA, everyone works from home or the comfort of wherever

How can a VA help?

This brings us to our main point. Why pay for in-person support to help with administrative tasks, marketing, scheduling, or any other 20 tasks? A Legal Virtual Assistant can not just do what your in-person staff could but can outperform them too! 

When you work with a Legal Virtual Assistant, you save hours of time by delegating administrative tasks to someone with a legal background. You spend less money annually by trading your in-person staff for remote help, and you can be free to spend that extra money and time on what matters: your clients. 

Competitive Edge

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, embracing technology can give you exactly what you need to take your business to new heights. We understand and have plenty of equally passionate and capable Legal Virtual Assistants ready to help you take your time back. Click below to get started.

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